Friday, July 10, 2009

TNIV Pocket Sienna

Kudos to Zondervan! At last, they've released a pocket-sized TNIV that doesn't scream "teeny-bopper." I had a chance to view the new TNIV Pocket Bible in Vintage Sienna Duo-Tone in Barnes and Noble yesterday. I think it's a real step forward in their attempt to market the TNIV beyond the youth group market. I realize the neon green and bubble gum pink covers they've previously offered may appeal to some Bible readers, but as a twenty-something guy, I wouldn't be caught dead with one. For that reason alone, I'm thankful for this edition.

The Vintage Sienna Dou-Tone cover will feel right at home to those of you familiar with the nice line of Trutone ESV pocket Bibles. It seems Zondervan has begun paying attention to Crossway's success in offering a wide selection of size and cover options designed with the user in mind. The Duo-Tone is soft and has good flexibility. While I haven't had a chance to test it out long-term, the construction seems solid.

Another really nice feature is the consistency in page numbering with other TNIV text editions. This makes the TNIV well-suited for public reading and Bible study, especially in outreach settings in which everyone may not know their way around the books of the Bible. This is one innovation that other Bible publishers should seek to emulate.

Finally, the decision to release this as an all-black text edition is a nice touch, in my view. I realize many readers prefer red-letter editions, but I find black-letter editions more exegetically useful (e.g., in John 3 - I'd rather decide on textual grounds where Jesus' and John's words begin and end, than have the publisher decide for me). Not to mention the fact that poorly printed red type can cause eye strain. Which leads me to...

The text size. I'm generally okay reading pocket-sized Bibles, but I really had to squint to read the 5.8 pt. font on this one. While my eyes aren't too bad, I think I'd struggle reading this for an extended period of time. Had they gone with a slightly larger font (see, for example, the HCSB Large Print Compact Bible - 8 pt. font), this would be an ideal edition.

The TNIV Pocket Bible in Vintage Sienna Duo-Tone represents a positive step forward in Zondervan's push to gain wider usage of the TNIV. This would be a great pick-up as a travel/backpack Bible or for someone wanting to try the out the TNIV before plopping down big dough for a premium edition. I love the TNIV for home study, and would like to be able to pick up a copy to read on the go. However, until Zondervan releases a pocket edition with a larger font, I'll be sticking with my HCSB Large Print Compact.

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  1. You do a mama proud! Glad to see you've finally put your thoughts to paper, so to speak. Love you!