Monday, April 5, 2010

I Don't Get the Hatred for Rick Warren

No need to elaborate. The title is all I have to say.


  1. Me neither... I think it's a lack of wisdom. The danger within the younger reformed movement is not hyper-Calvinism, but hyper-separatism. Indeed, I think there is a risk for my fellow young and reformed brethren to slip into fundamentalism (I know I am tempted with this myself). I hope that as we go out into the pastorate, we will be tempered a little.

  2. Thanks, Brandon. I agree. It's easy to denounce anyone who doesn't speak our lingo or run in our circles as preaching a "different gospel." If Rick Warren does preach a truly different gospel, then according to Gal. 1:9 he is damned to hell. If we're not willing to say he's damned to hell over his preaching, we shouldn't accuse him of preaching a "different gospel."

    Different approach? Fine. Different theological vocabulary? Sure. Different emphases? Undoubtedly. A different gospel? No way.

    I think the greater danger is not that somehow the Reformed movement will become diluted by Warren et al., but that it will fall into schismatic separatism: "I follow Piper." "I follow Driscoll." "I follow Sproul (you pseuo-Reformed wannabe Baptists)"...